may, 2020

16may12:00 pm2:00 pmEmbodied Recovery: A Live Virtual Ceremony for Womxn

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When I first entered into recovery it became quite clear to me that substances were not actually the problem. They were the solution to my problem. The heart of my suffering, one of the biggest reasons I couldn’t imagine getting through the day without something to numb my pain and discomfort, was actually disconnection. I was devastatingly cut off from myself – my body, my Spirit, my truth. I often had the distinct sense that I didn’t belong, that if people really  knew me they would be horrified by what they found. I didn’t understand how to show up authentically in relationship, how to be vulnerable, or how to love and be loved when it felt impossible to even like myself a little bit.  I would put on my best ‘I’m fine!’ face and morph into whoever I thought you wanted me to be because that is what I believed I had to do to survive. Little did I know that I could do more than just spend my life trying survive; I could actually thrive. True recovery and the capacity to thrive became possible when I was able to begin restoring connection. Choosing connection over isolation, hiding, and avoiding continues to be a daily practice; both one of the most challenging and rewarding commitments I make as a womxn in recovery.

It is easy to revert back to old ways of operating in this time of COVID  – we might be feeling the sting of isolation and loneliness, a severance from our communities, from sisterhood, from ourselves. On May 16th from 12pm-2pm I will be facilitating ‘Embodied Recovery: a Live Virtual Ceremony’ for any womxn who identifies as being in recovery (from anything) in order to support each of us in nurturing the connection we need to thrive.

We often search desperately outside of ourselves for solutions to our challenges; but if we really pay attention it is our body that is always calling us home – inviting us to turn our attention inward, to trust what we find in the infinite well of our being, and to claim our sovereignty. Through guided embodiment practices, Self-inquiry, and sisterhood we will gather to practice the art of coming home to ourselves and of nurturing the connection to Spirit that is our birthright.

Know that the identification with recovery is meant to be broad and roomy. I’ve come to adopt the working definition of recovery from SAMHSA: “A process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential.”
If you’re wondering if you belong here: you do.

For any questions and to register email me at
$5-$15 Sliding Scale Donation

An email will be sent to all attendees with specifics, zoom link, and ceremony details about one week prior to the event so that everyone feels prepared to enter into this intentional space.

In Grace and Gratitude,
Halie Devlin


(Saturday) 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm PST


Online! Join from anywhere in the world 🙂