Private Classes: I offer private yoga classes for individuals or groups in your home or in my home studio in Bend, OR. One of my favorite things about working with students one-on-one or smaller groups is that it becomes a collaborative process and I am able to tailor each session to your own unique needs. As your guide I have the honor of offering fun and supportive direction to help you approach yoga with a compassionate spirit, powerful body, and quiet mind. I love to combine meditation with movement so that you leave feeling spiritually uplifted and physically grounded.

New Clients: Beginning a new practice of any kind can be a little unnerving! In order to alleviate any questions or concerns you might have, your first private yoga session will last 90 minutes and start with a consultation where we discuss your expectations and goals as well as any physical limitations or injuries you might have. This affords us an opportunity to get to know one another and feel things out! Then, we will end the first session with a shorter practice and a course for action.

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In Japanese ‘Rei’ signifies a Higher Creative Intelligence underlying the totality of existence. Some may call it God, some may call it Flow. Whatever language one wants to use it can be understood as the guiding Spirit of the Universe. ‘Ki’ can be defined as life force. In China they call it ‘Chi’ and in India they call it ‘prana.’ In other words, it is energy, and when our Ki is high we feel a sense of vitality and balance and are enthusiastic about all that life has to offer.

When Ki is low we feel low. We can, therefore, think of Reiki as Spiritually Guided Life Force. When one receives regular Reiki treatments energetic blockages are cleared, we are more connected to Source energy and we are able to move forward in our day-to-day from a place of peace and empowerment. Reiki can and will never harm anyone, it only exists to help.

In terms of what happens in a Reiki treatment there isn’t always a one-size-fits all answer to offer. The experience of receiving a reiki treatment can be different for everyone. Reiki healing isn’t an intellectual process, it is a feeling one. One of the most beautiful things about both giving and receiving a Reiki treatment is that it encourages us to drop out of the chatter of our minds in favor of dropping deeply into our bodies. It becomes a gateway to meditation and people often report feeling relaxed and more peaceful, some people report feeling warm tingling sensations, some people report having meditative visions. I personally often experience feeling what I like to call “a sunbath for my insides”; like the feeling you get when you have been in a cold room and then you step out into a hot day and there is an immediate tingling sensation inside us from the warmth of the sun. When I am done I often feel lighter and have a renewed sense of clarity and calm.

The important thing to know is that whatever arises for you, we get to welcome it and know that Reiki is working for you in the way that best facilitates your own healing.

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Community Offerings

Above all else, Halie believes in the power of healing through conscious connection in community. She currently teaches regular meditation classes at the Blissful Heart Wellness Center and regular yoga classes at Wild Thing Yoga. She also has two upcoming ceremonies and a day retreat she is co-facilitating. To find out more about these events feel free to check the schedule below.

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“Yoga is not a work-out, it is a work-in. And this is the point of spiritual practice: to make us teachable, to open up our hearts and focus our awareness so that we can know what we already know and be who we already are.”

– Rolf Gates
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