The Key to Owning Your Power

The Seemingly Impossible can Become Possible

I have been thinking a lot about power lately. In our world right now it is easy to see power as something to fear or fight: like the power of hurricanes or the way power is being exploited politically. It stirs a dialogue inside that power can be dangerous. And it can be. Yet power itself is an essential component on the spiritual path. It is real and it is necessary to move through life from a place of empowerment so that we can be an asset in this world, so that we can live out our full potential. When one is empowered the seemingly impossible can become possible.

Serve Love in All Things

The key to owning your power and making sure that it isn’t misused it to ask yourself whether you are using your power to serve your own immediate agenda OR are you using your power to serve love? If we can make a commitment to serve love in all things then not only are our personal needs ultimately mat, but we can also help meet the needs of others. How are you serving love today?